Planning on going on vacation anytime soon?

You’ve got your plane tickets and booked your hotel room but your holiday doesn’t end there right? Visiting a country for the first time means wanting to experience anything and everything. But how do you find out about the best tourist attractions? And how do you plan on arranging your stay? is here to help you make the best out of your vacation... produces thousands of travel video guides that help visitors who are staying at world’s top cities- plan their perfect vacation. We believe that every minute of your vacation counts therefore you should only spend it doing the things you enjoy. This does not include standing in long queues, getting lost or visiting notorious tourist traps.

After visiting and researching many of the top cities around the world we have discovered that as a tourist you will have several questions regarding your sightseeing and activities. Whether you are visiting Hong Kong, Rome, Dubai or Miami you will need to know the 5 important things before you travel. All of our video guides will do exactly that. The 5 things you need to explore before you travel are as follows:

City sightseeing – Every city has its own list of must-see attractions. It doesn’t matter if you plan on devoting your whole trip or only a single day on sightseeing. After all, this may be your last time visiting this city or you may not see it again for quite a while. There are several places every tourist must visit and several things to do therefore we offer you ways to ensure that you do not miss a single thing! Click here to learn more about them.

Day trips – Thinking about what to do during your vacation? This is something not many visitors think about however they should as it is a vital part of their holiday! Every major city has several attractions that should not be missed! Sometimes the greatest experience for your trip is located only few kilometers outside of town, it would be a shame to miss it! Taking a day trip on the second or third day of your trip can help you do two things. First, it can help change the scenery around you - seeing the landscape and countryside of the city you’re visiting can give you a different perspective of the country. Secondly, you get to relax and let your feet rest whilst sightseeing the best of the city! - Click here to learn more about how to find the best day trip for you.

City passes – This little secret that can completely change your holiday experience! Many major cities around the world offer their visitors a pre-paid card that allows them to enter various attractions. There are several things to do in cities like Los Angeles or New York and each of them offer different city passes. This isn’t only a money saving product. The city pass also has the advantage of allowing you to see more and do more including visiting more museums, seeing more attractions, entering more landmarks and perhaps even enjoying a free day trip or day cruise. Click here to learn more about the city passes.

Nightlife attractions – Every great day should end with a great night - especially when you’re on holiday. Before setting off on your vacation your evenings should be pre-planned. Wondering what to do in your chosen destination that you cannot do in your hometown? Lovely restaurants? Nightclubs? They are all great and they all promise fun but what is it about this city’s nightlife that makes it different to any other city? Click here to learn about the unique nightlife attractions in your chosen travel destination.

The special diamond – Every vacation should have its ‘diamond’ experience. Whether it’s a wonderful attraction or an entertaining show, you need something that you will remember for life! From a romantic evening to to an extreme sports adventure, depending on your choice and the city you are visiting - one experience can make your vacation feel complete. When you do your research also try to avoid the negatives – be aware of the typical tourist traps that can ruin your vacation! Click here to learn more about the special diamond and tourist traps…

Vidtur’s travel video guides were produced in order to answer these exact things. The more of our videos that you watch, the higher the chances are for you to plan a perfect vacation! Good luck!