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You’ve got your plane tickets and booked your hotel room but your holiday doesn’t end there right? Visiting a country for the first time means wanting to experience anything and everything. But how do you find out about the best tourist attractions? And how do you plan your days in order to make the most of your time at the destination of your choice? This is where a good travel video guide would come in handy…

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Vidtur is here to help you do more and spend less. We believe that every minute of your vacation counts therefore you should only spend it doing the things you enjoy. This does not include standing in long queues, getting lost or visiting notorious tourist traps. Watch our video guides and learn how to plan your perfect vacation in one of the world’s top cities!

There are 5 important things that you should know as a tourist, before you travel to your destination, to really be able to make the most of your time there. Whether you’re traveling to Rome, Hong Kong, Paris, Dubai, or Miami, these are the 5 important things that will maximize your travel experience:

City sightseeing – Every city has its own list of must-see attractions. Don’t miss out on even one of them with Vidtur’s video guides and top 10 lists.

Day trips – Sometimes the greatest experience for your trip is located only a few kilometers outside of the town you’re staying in… it would be a shame to miss it! The best thing about taking a day trip is the change of scenery – seeing the landscape and countryside around the city can give you a different perspective of the country.

City passes – This little secret can completely change your holiday experience! Many major cities around the world offer their visitors a pre-paid card that allows them to enter various attractions, museums, landmarks and sometimes even tours or cruises for free. City passes help you save money, but also time (you get to skip long ticket lines) and energy (public transportation is usually included which means less walking). You’ll see and do more than you ever imagined!

Nightlife attractions – What can you do at your chosen destination that you cannot do in your hometown? Eat delicious local food, see the city illuminated during a night tour, go to exclusive shows or nightclubs? They all promise great fun, but what is it about this city’s nightlife that makes it different to any other city?

The special diamond – Every vacation should have its ‘diamond’ experience, something that you will remember for life! From a romantic sunset cruise to an extreme sports adventure, depending on your choice and the city you are visiting – one unique experience can make your vacation feel complete.

Our video travel guides contain all the essential information: top attractions, shopping, museums, kids activities, nightlife, parks, unique things to do and much more. Plan the perfect city trip with Vidtur!