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Vidtur.com was formed by media executives in order to bring you the best travel information and help you plan your visit to some of the most famous and popular cities in the world.

Our mission is to supply relevant, genuine video information, in your own language and to inspire independently minded travelers everywhere.

Vidtur.com gives you access to some of the most detailed and informative video guides, that will provide you with a very genuine perspective of your travel destination. These informative video guides are unique glimpses of these cities and originally produced by vidtur.com.

We at vidtur.com offer visitors high quality video guides covering attractions, tours, museums, shopping, nightlife, family activities and more. Explore our videos to get a close-up and personal view of your selected travel destination, before you even step foot off the plane.

Founded by Udi Shapira, the founding director of Ginx TV, the first international video gaming channel, currently available in 20 countries across the globe. Udi founded Ginx TV in the UK in 2007, and was the creative force behind the production of over 5000 videos and 400 hours of programming for the channel.

Heading the production department is Sivan Scrivener, with over 10 years of experience as an independent producer.  Her documentary films were broadcasted by international TV channels, such as the BBC, ZDF, Arte among others.


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