Things to do in Rome during Spring

5 May 2014

Spring in Rome is one of the most pleasant times of the year in terms of weather, beautiful scenery as well as celebrations and events that will keep you entertained. There are many things to do in Rome during the months of March to May. From extravagant fireworks displays to Easter celebrations, Rome’s city wide events will have your schedule jam-packed. Wondering what to do in Rome during your stay? We help you make the best out of your Rome vacation by presenting you with the top things to do during the season of spring.

Way of the Cross

If you are in Rome on Good Friday, a way to get in touch with the religious occasions of the city is to attend the ‘Way of the Cross’. Catch a glimpse of the Pope as he leads a torchlight procession from the Coliseum to the Palatine Hill commemorating Christ’s last walk to Mt Golgotha. Admire the huge cross and burning torches lighting up the sky! This impressive parade that attracts thousands of people worldwide will certainly leave you with a strong impression.

Culture Week

For one week in April, all the State Owned Museums offer free entry. This is a fabulous opportunity for you to visit museums, archaeological sites and monuments for nothing. Rome attractions participating in this include the Capitoline Museums, the National Roman Museum, and many more. You’ll be crazy to miss out on the greatest of Rome’s gems during Culture Week also known as Settimana della Cultura.

Natale di Roma

Even the city of Rome has a birthday party! On the 21st April, the Italian city celebrates its birthday. It is in 753BC when the city was reportedly founded. Gather for festivities with tourists and locals at several spots in the city. Concerts, parades and historical re-enactments are held at the Circus Maximus while gladiatorial displays take place at the Coliseum. Most importantly, make sure not to miss out on the spectacular fireworks that fly over the River Tiber!

100 Painters of Via Margutta

If your passion lies in art, then an event to head to is the wonderful ‘100 Painters of Via Margutta’ exhibition. Make your way to the charming street of Via Margutta and explore this open air art gallery. Appreciate the gift of creativity by admiring over 1000 works of art, including oil paintings, drawings, and watercolours. There is no pressure to buy and you can even talk to one of the ‘100 painters’ attending!

Primo Maggio

What better way to celebrate May Day than at a concert? If you are in Rome on May 1st, head to Piazza San Giovanni for one of the biggest events of the year. Every Labour Day, a free rock concert takes place with over 700 artists pleasing the crowd. There’s usually a high-profile act so be sure to attend and get there early for a great view of the stage! There’s more to Rome than just history! Do not miss out on this lively and vibrant occasion!

Blue skies, blooming trees and cheerier people, spring in Rome offers several indulgences. From getting an insight to the history of the city to rocking it out with locals at a concert – the variety of things to do in Rome is never-ending. Taking part in one of the events we have mentioned above will no longer have you worrying about what to in Rome during spring! You’ll never be bored! Make the most out of your Rome spring vacation!

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