USA Attractions

Traveling through the United States is a pleasure – from its bustling metropolises to its stunning rural areas, every piece of the great country is worth visiting and filled with wonderful things to do. Here are some of the best USA attractions for tourists:

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Top Tourist Attractions in USA

Starting in its north eastern tip, with Boston, a visitor could feel history coming alive, and stand witness to a great many things – the Boston Harbor is the very place where the young country threw off its shackles and started the fire of democracy, years before the flames spread to Europe and the French revolution took place. Standing in the place where the founding fathers brought to life the modern world is awe inspiring.

The next stop should be New York City – the pulsing heart of western civilization. The Big Apple, as it is known, offers a visitor endless possibilities for leisure, excitement and fun. From museums to plays, wild nightlife and adventures, there is always something to do in New York city.

Turning sharply south, you’ll head out to New Orleans. Stepping into New Orleans, you can physically feel the shift in tone and atmosphere. The birth-place of jazz and last remnant of the French control over the middle third of North America, New Orleans has a special place in many hearts, offering a unique cultural look into what remains of French North America.

Finally, no trip to the United States is complete without a visit to Las Vegas! The entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas offers the weary traveler a wide variety of attractions – from gambling, to live shows and resorts, there is nothing you can’t do in good old Las Vegas.

Going through the United Stated of America is an amazing experience, and any traveler can find wonderful stories and wild adventures here. There’s numerous USA attractions for you to explore, so take your time and enjoy all America has to offer you to the fullest!